Augmented Reality (AR) is where you put something virtual on top of something real, hence you are “augmenting" the “reality". You may have seen, in a car showroom, a piece of paper with some markings on it. There appears to be not much to it. But after installing an app on your phone and you look at that piece of paper again through your phone, you may see a 3D model of the car. And you can look around to see the car at different angles. That is augmented reality.

The app is using the markings on the paper as anchors. It can superimpose anything on top of the camera view – a 3D model, a picture, or anything. And since the markings provide the anchor points, as you move around (or turn the paper), the app will know how much the scene should be rotated.

One interesting implementation of AR is Google Glass.


Potential applications for special needs

  • Making the teaching materials more engaging
  • Provide realtime instructions
  • Provide navigation aid (e.g. with Google Glass)